Growler Week 2022 Schedule

We are looking forward to bringing back everyone’s favorite Growler Week activities. Tickets and sign-ups for all events are live!

Commodore’s Cup events only require one buy-in per squadron to participate.

Monday, 15 August

  • Dogfight Derby – Commodore’s Cup Event

POC: FLTLT Tom “Fogo de Chao” Budd

  • Foosball Tournament – Commodore’s Cup Event

POC: LT Dan “Brick” Rowland

Tuesday, 16 August

  • FCLP Competition – Commodore’s Cup Event

POC: LT Mitch “HoBro” Lopes

  • Tactical Flyoff sponsored by EAWS – Commodore’s Cup Event
  • Dodgeball Tournament – Commodore’s Cup Event

POC: LT Austin “Tofu” Hulsey

  • Salmon Derby

POC: Tony Richards and Senior Chief Wenger

Wednesday, 17 August

  • Knife Race – Commodore’s Cup Event

POC: LCDR Christopher “Butter” Greil and LT Liam “Kuato SK” Ubiera

  • Mountain Biking – Commodore’s Cup Event

POC: LT Caleb “Maxi” Healy

Thursday, 18 August

  • CVWP Enlisted Growler Awards Ceremony
  • Wine Tour – SOLD OUT

POC: LT Brad “Ol’ Yeller” Johnson

  • Boat Cruise – SOLD OUT

POC: Norb “Smurf” Szarleta

Friday, 19 August

  • Golf Tournament

POC: LT Travis “Pubert” Sorensen

  • Growler BBQ

POC: LT Nick “Noodle Arms” Holiday

Theme: Catalina Wine Mixer

Saturday, 20 August

  • Growler Ball

POC: LT Lukas “Waldo” Edegran

Theme: Decades (Each squadron choose your own decade!)