2018 Growler Week August 20-25th!

We’re getting closer! Hope everyone has been training up and letting that intense competitor within them get riled up and ready for the Commodore’s Cup events! Each event now has its own page with more details as to locations, times, dates and….prizes! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us any questions you may have. Here are some new changes to how we’re running the events this year:

  • This year there will be a one-time squadron buy-in for the Commodore’s Cup events.
  • Buy-in will cover the Tactical-Flyoff, Dogfight Derby, Dodgeball, FCLPs, and Knife Race.
  • These monies will go towards food and beverage at the events, prizes, and materials required for hosting!
  • Please have your Mess-O go to the Eventbrite link below or on the link on the main events page in order to cover your squadron.
  • Once your squadron has paid the buy-in, you can go to Eventbrite sign-ups for the individual events and sign up your teams!
  • Ticket sales for everything (including Wine Tour, Golf, BBQ, Ball) will begin at 0900 on 9 July.
  • Wine tour tickets sales will go on sale in two rounds. Check the event site for details!
  • Eventbrite - Commodore's Cup Buy-In